Monsters 2010

Six years ago NASA discovered the possibility of alien life within our solar system. A probe was launched to collect samples, but crashed upon re-entry over Central America. Soon after, new life forms began to appear and half of Mexico was quarantined as an infected zone. Today, the American and Mexican military still struggle to contain "the creatures," while a journalist agrees to escort a shaken tourist through the infected zone in Mexico to the safety of the U.S. border.

Monsters, Inc. 2001

James Sullivan and Mike Wazowski are monsters, they earn their living scaring children and are the best in the business... even though they're more afraid of the children than they are of them. When a child accidentally enters their world, James and Mike suddenly find that kids are not to be afraid of and they uncover a conspiracy that could threaten all children across the world.

Monsters University 2013

A look at the relationship between Mike and Sulley during their days at Monsters University — when they weren't necessarily the best of friends.

Gods and Monsters 1998

It's 1957, and Whale's heyday as the director of "Frankenstein," "Bride of Frankenstein" and "The Invisible Man" is long behind him. Retired and a semi-recluse, he lives his days accompanied only by images from his past. When his dour housekeeper, Hannah, hires a handsome young gardener, the flamboyant director and simple yard man develop an unlikely friendship, which will change them forever.

Little Monsters 1989

A young boy is scared of the monster under his bed. He asks his 6th grade brother to swap rooms for the night as a bet that the monster really exists. Soon the brother becomes friends with the monster and discovers a whole new world of fun and games under his bed where pulling pranks on kids and other monsters is the main attraction

Monsters vs Aliens 2009

When Susan Murphy is unwittingly clobbered by a meteor full of outer space gunk on her wedding day, she mysteriously grows to 49-feet-11-inches. The military jumps into action and captures Susan, secreting her away to a covert government compound. She is renamed Ginormica and placed in confinement with a ragtag group of Monsters...

Monsters and Men 2018

After capturing an illegal act of police violence on his cellphone, a Brooklyn street hustler sets off a series of events that alter the lives of a local police officer and a star high-school athlete.

Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed 2004

When Mystery, Inc. are guests of honor at the grand opening of the Coolsville Museum of Criminology, a masked villain shows up and creates havoc before stealing the costumes of the gang's most notorious villains...Could it be that their nemesis, mad scientist Jonathan Jacobo has returned and is trying to recreate their deadliest foes?

Monsters 2004

Stan is a troubled child with a vivid imagination. He lives with his mother and sister near a mental hospital, which fills him with horror. His nasty older sister thinks Stan is a nuisance and threatens to kill him. When it becomes night, all the impressions come back in nightmares.

Monsters: Dark Continent 2014

Seven years on from the events of Monsters, and the ‘Infected Zones’ have spread worldwide. Humans have been knocked off the top of the food chain, with disparate communities struggling for survival. American soldiers are being sent abroad to protect US interests from the Monsters, but the war is far from being won.

Little Monsters 2018

A washed-up musician teams up with a teacher and a kids show personality to protect young children from a sudden outbreak of zombies.

Mazes and Monsters 1982

This film was the pinnacle of anti-D&D fearmongering. Bound together by a desire to play "Mazes and Monsters," Robbie and his four college classmates decide to move the board game into the local cavern. Robbie loses his mind, and the line between reality and fantasy fuse into a harrowing nightmare.

Monster's Ball 2001

Set in the southern USA, a racist white man, Hank, falls in love with a black woman named Leticia. Ironically, Hank is a prison guard working on Death Row who executed Leticia's husband. Hank and Leticia's inter-racial affair leads to confusion and new ideas for the two unlikely lovers.


Two couples find themselves dealing with decaying relationships.

Monsters 2014

If you look carefully, monsters of the prehistoric past will emerge from the landscape around you.

Monsters 2001

70s horror movie heartthrob Nicky Nicks falters and leaves Hollywood only to join the masses in Las Vegas in a very unconventional and unlikely job. All of the horror movie greats are now dead - Hollywood needs Nicky again! Can two movie execs dangle a carrot in front of Nicky's nose and convince him to come back to Hollywood?

Godzilla: King of Monsters 2019

The new story follows the heroic efforts of the crypto-zoological agency Monarch as its members face off against a battery of god-sized monsters, including the mighty Godzilla, who collides with Mothra, Rodan, and his ultimate nemesis, the three-headed King Ghidorah. When these ancient super-species—thought to be mere myths—rise again, they all vie for supremacy, leaving humanity’s very existence hanging in the balance.

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